Baghdad attacks kill 126, 25 children; ISIS claims responsibility

As CNN reported, Once implemented the third terrorist mass murder of civilians, the week with ISIS claims responsibility.
Suicide attack 125 people, including 25 children, Saturday night in a shopping district in Baghdad.
It was the deadliest attack in Iraq for many years.
Families gathered in a popular area to break the fast during Ramadan and watch European soccer championship in 2016 at the Cafe when a car bomb exploded, ripping through the building which houses stores and multilevel fitness center.
And at least 147.
A second bomb exploded Sunday in southeastern Baghdad people “outdoor market, killing one person and injuring five others, police said.
The attacks came just days after the massacre at a coffee shop in Dhaka, Bangladesh, the Atatürk International Airport in Istanbul, Turkey.
“Mass killings this another example of disrespect for human life, Desh” State administration John Kirby, using another term for ISIS. “From Baghdad to Istanbul and Paris Brussels, Dhaka, the terrorist kill innocent people to attract the attention of Desh and yards. They will not succeed. »
ISIS, also known as Eisele, recognizing regional losses to Iraqi forces in may as promised uptick in terrorist attacks during Ramadan, which ends this week.